Hunter Spine and Joint Replacement Centre’s mission is to deliver the highest level and widest range of spine care for our patients. Our facilities have all the technology and equipment required to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for all types of spinal conditions, of any severity.

Treatments currently offered by Hunter Spine and Joint Replacement Centre include:

  • Anterior Cervical Fusion
  • Artificial Disc Replacement
  • Bone Graft Alternatives
  • Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
  • Cervical Disc Replacement
  • Cervical Laminoplasty
  • Discography
  • Electrodiagnostic Testing
  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Lumbar (Open) Microscopic Discectomy
  • Lumbar Zygapophysial (Facet) Joint Injections
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation
  • Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy
  • Radiographic Assessment for Back Pain
  • Radiological Assessment of Spinal Disorders
  • Specialised Nerve Tests: EMG, NCV and SSEP
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Specialised Nerve Tests: EMG, NCV and SSEP
  • Spinal Fusion

In addition to the above procedures, we also specialise in total hip replacement, and total knee replacement.

Spine Surgery

For most degenerative spine conditions, surgery is recommended only after non-operative treatments and serious efforts to increase endurance, strength, and flexibility of the spine have failed.

At Hunter Spine and Joint Replacement Centre, surgeries, including the following, are performed using minimally-invasive techniques:

  • Anterior, Posterior, Lateral, and Circumferential Fusions
  • Discectomy
  • Decompression
  • Kyphosis Correction
  • Osteotomy
  • Scoliosis Correction
  • Total Disc Replacement
  • Vertebrectomy

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement (THR) is a very common and safe procedure to treat severe arthritis. The surgery substitutes damaged bone and cartilage of the joint with polyethylene or ceramic and metallic components. All materials used for hip arthroplasty are completely biocompatible.

Benefits of total hip replacement include:

  • Reduction in hip pain – The pain will be rapidly and dramatically reduced and usually eliminated over time.
  • Recovery of mobility – Your hip will function with less effort, and you will regain your original mobility.
  • Improvement in quality of life – Your everyday activities and your social life will no longer be limited by hip pain and reduced mobility.

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Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement (TKR) is a minimally-invasive surgical operation that involves replacing a damaged, worn, or diseased knee with biocompatible plastic and metallic components. The artificial joint replaces the cartilage function.

Benefits of total knee replacement include:

  • Pain relief – The surgery significantly reduces — if not entirely eliminates — pain in the knee.
  • Mobility restoration – Following the surgery, the patient will experience improved muscle strength and improved alignment of deformed joints.
  • Better quality of life – Patients are able to resume their normal daily activities, such as light exercise, shopping, and climbing stairs.

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